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Bridget De Canha

Bridget De Canha Speech Therapy & Audiology was started by Bridget, a qualified Speech-Language Therapist & Audiologist, having received her B.A Honours Degree in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2011.

She carried out her community service year at Alexandra Health Clinic & Hillbrow Health Clinic, assessing and treating patients with Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Stroke , Traumatic Brain Injury, Learning Impairments, Hydrocephalus, and HIV. Bridget also conducted hearing screenings, hearing aid evaluations, fitting, and orientation, Aural rehabilitation and habilitation.

Bridget moved on to the private sector in 2013 and since has focused her career on Speech Therapy assessment and treatment of paediatric patients, as well as, Hearing Tests and Assessments.

In 2014, Bridget became an Executive Committee Member of the Private Practitioners Group South Africa, and had the privilege of serving as the group’s treasurer in 2015.

In 2015, Bridget started her own practice in Pre-School age and School age Assessment and Treatment of; Articulation/Phonology Disorders, Language Disorders, Differences, and Delays, Auditory Processing Disorders, Phonological Awareness Difficulties, Fluency Disorders, Oral Motor Disorders, Literacy Difficulties, Developmental Delay & Down Syndrome.

Bridget De Canha has a passion for her profession, is patient focused and adapts to each individual’s needs, providing a comfortable environment for her patients. Feel free to ask her for advice or assistance regarding Speech Therapy or Hearing Health and well being.

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What is a Speech & Hearing therapist?

A Speech and hearing therapist (also known as speech-language pathology and audiology) is an important health-related specialist concerned with normal development of human communication and treatment of its disorders.

Common reasons to see a Speech-Language Therapist:
  • Your child is struggling to pronounce certain sounds or words or mispronounces words e.g. “wabbit” for “rabbit”, “tar” for “car”, “dat” for “that”, “fumb” for “thumb”, “fog” for “frog”, “lellow” for “yellow”
  • Your child struggles to understand words or following instructions
  • Your child has a limited expressive vocabulary or they struggle to construct sentences correctly
  • Your child uses immature speech for their age e.g. doggie, “want cookie” vs “I want the cookie”
  • Your child cannot express themselves effectively
  • Your child’s language development is delayed
  • Your child becomes frustrated when not understood
  • Your child demonstrates limited play skills or does not play with other children or socially interact with other children or people
  • Your child struggles to recall instructions or stories or if you need to repeat instructions or words
  • Your child struggles with spelling, reading and writing
  • Your child has a learning difficulty or barrier
  • Your child stutters on words, they repeat sounds or words or become stuck on certain words
  • If you are unsure of your child’s speech or language development and need more clarity on age appropriateness of mispronunciations and possible language delay
Common reasons to see an Audiologist:
  • If you struggle to hear people when they speak to you, or if their speech is unclear
  • If you struggle to hear in the presence of background noise
  • If you experience ringing in your ears
  • If you experience pain in the ears or fluid coming out of the ears
  • If your child is struggling to follow instructions at school or their language is delayed

Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapy department has special interests in the assessment & treatment of Pre-School age and School age children, targeting the following areas:

  • Articulation/Phonology Disorders – Mispronunciation of sounds/words
  • Language Disorders, Differences & Delays.
  • Auditory Processing Disorders – Difficulty in number & word recall, story memory, following instructions
  • Phonological Awareness Difficulties – The ability to break down & manipulate sounds in order to generate & read words
  • Fluency Disorders – Stuttering of sounds and words
  • Oral Motor Disorders
  • Literacy Difficulties – Reading, Writing, Spelling
  • Developmental Delay – Delay in reaching developmental milestones. eg. Speech-Language or hearing milestones

We provide Speech screenings at schools, and believe this is a valued extra service as it allows us the opportunity to identify any possible issues early on in a child’s developmental phases.

Carrying out therapy within the school environment allows us to interact with teachers on a daily basis and get feedback from all parties involved in the child’s growth, therefore, aiding therapy progress.

Our services are provided at various schools in the Northern Johannesburg region, such as, Bryanston, Northcliff, Fourways, as well as, at our practice rooms located in the Concourse Medical & Dental Centre in Lonehill.


Our Audiology department is equipped with the latest in diagnostic audiology equipment allowing us to offer the following services:​

  • Hearing Screenings.
  • Hearing tests
  • Education on Hearing Health & Well Being
  • Hearing Aid Fittings

We provide Hearing screenings at schools, retirement villages, and corporate wellness days, all in an effort to educate the public & youth on hearing health and how to protect our hearing for the future.

Other than these screening outreach programs, our full services are also provided at our practice rooms located in the Concourse Medical and Dental Centre in Lonehill.